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At VELLERAS LIMITED ('Altfast’, ‘the owner’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’) , we recognize that privacy is very important and value your privacy.

This Privacy Policy is an official and lawful document, which represents the main policy regarding different processes related to the user’s data, while he is interacting with Altfast. This may be: collecting, storing, processing and sharing of the user’s personal and non-personal data. Its aim is to inform our consumers about all the details and prevent law disputes because of data usage.

The user is highly recommended reading the text below and all its paragraphs thoroughly to be aware of possible actions that will take place. This will help us avoid misunderstanding and law disputes. The user accepts this Policy automatically if he installs and launches Altfast at least once.

To leave your feedback, please, get in touch with the owner of Altfast or our Technical Support via any available contacts. We will try to solve your problem right away!

The required information

The owner of Altfast is allowed to collect information about the user, his device and in-app actions, when this is required for service providing. Data collecting may be done in two main ways - directly (the user supplies data at will while communicating with us) or automatically (e.g. the user’s in-app actions, device requirements, etc). The owner of Altfast has a right to collect the following types of information: personal data about the user (user’s real name, age, sex, country, account photo if present or mail service); device requirements (IP address, operating system version, hardware model, mobile ID, network information, screen resolution and other technical information); data supplied to different third-party sources by the user and is public and absolutely free to access (e.g. your account name on App Store); information given by the user during the communication. For example, when the user contacts us directly or by referring to the Support; Log data or crash information (is sent automatically); No sensitive information will be collected, processed or stored.

Purposes of gathering

The owner of Altfast has to collect the mentioned above personal and non-personal information for many reasons. To sum up, we need to improve our service and provide the user with the best usage experience by making all parts and features of the app available. This is impossible to do correctly unless the user gives us some technical or identifying information. Nevertheless, there are some additional purposes of data gathering.


Tracking technologies including but not limited to cookies are always applied if the user interacts with Altfast or visits the official website of the application. In general, this is a small file inside your device, which gathers some information about your online actions. As a result, it’s possible to provide every user with the most convenient and user-friendly service due to his individual preferences and needs.

User’s safety and data protection terms

The user shouldn’t worry about the safety of his data, as we assure the highest level of its protection while gathering and transmitting. Although we apply all the effective, proven and generally accepted methods, no absolute ways to keep data safe exist. Nevertheless, we work hard on improving the level of protection to make our service more reliable and flawless.

More about advertising

By installing Altfast, the user fully accepts our third-party advertising policy automatically. What does this mean? The app owner reserves the right to ask third-party companies for ad stream providing without notifying the user. Basically, this type of advertising is carried out only on the target basis. Therefore, the mentioned companies request some user’s data. This relates to both - the non-personal information received by the owner of Altfast and gathered by tracking technologies. Attention! The owner of Altfast isn’t responsible for the content of ad banners and videos, which are supplied by third-party companies. We have nothing in common with them, so it’s impossible to control the content. We are fully responsible only for keeping the information safe while transferring it to advertising companies. No extra data will be given to third-parties unless this is required for proper service providing.

Compulsory permissions for correct usage

We require the permission to send you notifications. This is important for the option ‘delay recording’. Altfast notifies the user when the set time comes. Microphone. You have to permit access to this parameter before the usage, as it will be impossible to record audio. Besides these permissions, the correct work of Altfast requires Gallery access. This will widen the functionality and enable additional options.

User’s rights include these statements:


The owner of Altfast reserves a right to commit all kind of actions, which lead to the text modification (update). This list includes changing the paragraphs, their order, modifying or even replacing the document with another one. Please, pay attention that the only required way of warning or notifying about the update is placing a new version of Privacy Policy on the current website.

Should you ever have concerns about the way Altfast operates your information, feel free to contact Altfast by sending an email to

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